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Registering with Fibre Circle


As the registered producer responsibility organisation (PRO) for the South African paper and paper packaging sector, Fibre Circle has elected to collect EPR fees from registered companies. These fees are based on tonnages manufactured locally or imported into South Africa – whether as primary product packaging or secondary transit packaging – and placed on the South African Market

The regulations define a producer as ‘any person or category of persons, including a brand owner, who is engaged in the commercial manufacture, conversion, refurbishment (where applicable) or import of new or used identified products.

The identified paper products are as follows:

  • Newspaper/newsprint
  • Magazines
  • Office and graphic paper
  • Corrugated cases and kraft paper
  • Liquid board packaging
  • Label backing paper
  • Paper sacks
  • Multilayer paper-based packaging


What are the requirements to register with Fibre Circle?

To be eligible for registration with Fibre Circle, you must be:

  • A “producer” (with respect to paper and paper packaging) – as a paper manufacturer or importer – and manufacture and/or import more than 10 tonnes of paper or paper packaging per annum.
  • A company that imports products contained in primary or secondary paper packaging (more than 10 tonnes per annum).
  • An entity in the value chain that significantly changes the composition of paper and paper packaging to such an extent that the conversion process makes the product more difficult to collect and/or recycle.

How to Ensure EPR Compliance:  

The three simple steps to ensuring EPR compliance are as follows:

Step 1:  Find out if your company is a producer in the paper and paper packaging sector

If you manufacture or import more than 10 tonnes per annum of any of the identified products, you need to register with DFFE and with Fibre Circle.

Step 2: Register on the DFFE website

Visit the Department of Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment website and follow the registration steps. The DFFE will issue you with a registration number.

Step 3: Register with Fibre Circle

Once you have received your registration number from the DFFE, visit the Fibre Circle sign me up page and complete the form.

Once approved, Fibre Circle will send you a confirmation of registration, as well as a certificate.


What must I do if we are not required to register?

You must ensure that you deal with EPR compliant suppliers to avoid trading illegally.

EPR compliant suppliers must be able to provide you with certificated proof of their compliance and you will be required (by law) to pay them the EPR fees (as per their invoice to you). Furthermore, you may also recover these fees from your customers. Your business will therefore be indirectly involved within the EPR regulations and be compliant as required by law.