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Recycle Your Cups


Did you know that paper cups are recyclable in South Africa? A paper cup is a disposable cup made out of paper and often lined or coated with a thin layer of polyethylene (PE)which is the plastic or wax that prevents liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper.


In a world filled with convenience, paper cups have become indispensable companions to our daily lives. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee on the way to work or enjoying a cold beverage during a picnic, these humble containers are there to make life a little easier. But have you ever wondered about the journey of a paper cup, from its inception to its disposal? Are the paper cup you are using eco-friendly?

Recyclable Cups

Fibre Circle is at the forefront of promoting environmental sustainability by offering recyclability testing for paper cups submitted by producers. Our comprehensive assessment examines the composition, design, and overall sustainability of these cups to determine their potential for effective recycling at the end of their life cycle. This essential service helps paper cup manufacturers make informed decisions about their product’s recyclability and allows them to label their cups accurately, ensuring the public is well-informed. We’re proud to have conducted tests for brands like Rialto, and the results have confirmed that Rialto cups are indeed recyclable. With Fibre Circle’s recyclability testing, we aim to empower businesses to contribute to a greener future by producing more environmentally friendly products.

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