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Recycle Your Cartons


Did you know that beverage cartons are recyclable in South Africa? 

Beverage cartons are a type of paper packaging that is used to package liquids such as milk, mageu, juice, wine and custard and in some cases, dry foods such as cereals, sugar, rice, bird seed, pet food etc.

A carton comprises mostly paperboard, and very thin layers of plastic and aluminium – referred to as polyalu.

In South Africa, a hydro-pulping process is used to recycle cartons. This process includes separating paper fibres from the plastic (polyethylene or PE) and aluminium.

Once the paper fibres are separated, they are used to make an array of paper, cardboard and products.

The polyalu material is sent to a separate area for baling, and eventually will be used to make planks, pallets, furniture, desks, roof tiles.



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