Captain Infinity is the leader of the Super Carton pack. He gets his energy from wood – but only from wood that is sustainably grown. That means from trees that grow in special forests that are planted and looked after in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Here’s how it works. The trees in those forests soak up the extra carbon dioxide that is causing global warming. Carbon dioxide is made from carbon and oxygen, and as the trees grow, they keep the carbon and breathe out the oxygen, thanks to the amazing process of photosynthesis. What’s more is that the carbon stays locked up in his muscles for a very long time! This makes Captain Infinity stronger!

Working day and night, Captain Infinity and his friends, the paper makers, ensure that every food and beverage cartons can be recycled into new things.

Captain Infinity is strong and powerful because the paperboard he’s made from holds its shape. He also has an invisible shield that protects whatever yummy treat is inside him, keeping it safe and healthy for a long, long time. This secret weapon is made up of very thin plastic and foil layers. And guess what? Like his paperboard, these layers are also recyclable!

He has another superpower: he’s incredibly light. He can move around easily without needing too many trips or trucks. And that’s important too, because he likes to keep his carbon footprint small and his powers big.

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