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Recycle glassine label backing waste with us.


At Fibre Circle, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change. We are reaching out to our valued partners with an exciting opportunity to be part of our initiative that not only benefits our environment but also elevates your commitment to corporate responsibility. We have partnered with Twinsaver on an initiative for the collection and recycling of post-consumer glassine label backing paper (LBP), which at the end of its life cycle, is repurposed into toilet tissue, wipes, blended industrial wipes and roller towels. This diverts LBP from landfill sites, and harnesses its potential to develop new, eco-friendly hygiene solutions.

The Opportunity: Recycling Glassine Label Backing Paper.
Why Participate?

  • Environmental Impact: By recycling label backing paper into tissue paper, we collectively reduce waste going to landfill and contribute to the circular economy. 
  •  Cost Savings: Embrace sustainable practices while potentially reducing disposal costs associated with label backing paper waste. 
  •  Corporate Responsibility: Showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning your brand with sustainability principles.

How to participate

Collection Collect Label Backing Waste at your facilities (Consists of White,
Yellow or Light Blue Paper Silicone Release Liner (Glassine,
Super-calendered Kraft etc.)
To join forces with Twinsaver and Fibre Circle, email Our dedicated team will contact you
to get you started on your Green journey.
Pioneering brand
Your participation will not only support the environment and showcase
your commitment to sustainability, but also demonstrate a
commitment to responsible practices within your industry.
Glassine label backing paper


The The Label Backing Paper recycling process 


Conditions for collection and recycling

Your role matters


Required liner

The only liner required is the glassine liner.


Free of heavily printed or coloured stock and water insoluble matter,
glues or self-adhesives.

Contamination level

The minimumm contamination rate allowed is 1%.


The volume and the location of the glassine liner must be specified.

Our Project Partners and Participants

Get in touch with us to join the sustainable team!

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